Hat Care

At Love Charlie, we design our line of custom made hats and accessories to be heirloom quality. If treated with the proper care and respect, your lovely accessory can last for generations to come.

Each one of our hand made hats and accessories has a delicate nature, to be handled with proper care.



When not in use: One of the biggest complaints that we have from our customers is that they have had a hat and then it got squished, or bent or sat on, etc. and was ruined. The best piece of advice we can offer is that when you purchase a new hat you should invest in a nice hat box. Available at most hat shops is the option to get your hat cleaned and reshaped. If this is an option for you, and the quality of the hat is worth salvaging, then even new hat styles can be made from your old hats!

Take Note: Felt hats and straw hats alike do not like the sun. They are known to shrink under heated tempuratures and often times people need to take their hats in to be sized. That means keep it out of the sun, away from heat sources and make sure they are stored in a cool dry place.

Hat Sizing: Hat sizing is available at Love Charlie. You may want to have your hat stretched, or taken in depending on the material and style. Contact us if you need your hat sized.

Hat Styling: Hat styling has become more and more popular as many people prefer to reuse, reduce and recycle! If you have a hat in great shape that needs new life, please contact us for details at info@lovecharlie.ca 


Fascinators & Headwear

When Not in Use: Place your procuct in acid free white tissue paper. Taking special caution not to bend the fabric or feathers in the process, placing it in a roomy hat box with a lid. Keep in a dry place, away from the sun. 

Take Note: Do not keep your accessories in areas exposed to moths. They love feathers as much as you do!

In the event that your feathers become "bent" or dischuffled try steaming. Make sure to use caution, while allowing the feathers to lay in the steam from your iron or kettle. The steam will give new life to the feathers, while you gently use your fingers to smooth them out. The natural oil in your skin will help work them back into shape.